Office 365 Dalikoo app

Dalikoo is now available as a Microsoft Office 365 application

Downloading Dalikoo is as easy as 1-2-3 ! No credit card required      


See detailed process with screenshots here


You will need a valid Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, please create it here:
A Standard Microsoft account can be, or Skype, Xbox, and accounts can be used too.

* If you are already using Office 365 for business, go directly to step 2.



Step 1:

First get an Office 365 trial account here:

  • On the menu in the middle click the “Free Trial” link and a new page will open with log in info.

*** It is important to choose the correct country right away as it cannot be changed later***

  • Enter the information (e.g company name, etc) as you want it to appear.
  • You will be prompted to give your cell phone #,  an access code will be texted to your phone, you will need to enter the code and verify that you are not a robot.
  • Keep your login info confirmation handy, so you can use it again when prompted. Click Next to proceed.

Once you are in Microsoft Office 365 you will notice many programs setting up on the screen.

  1. DO NOT click on the Install Now button (Its for downloading Office applications such as Word and Excel, and you can do it later).
  2. If you do not see programs setting up on the screen (e.g. SharePoint), refresh the page.

Wait until SharePoint has finished setting up before moving on to Step 2, it can take a few minutes…great time for a short break, get yourself a nice beverage 🙂


Step 2:

Make sure that you are logged in as the user who signed up to Office 365, and go to Dalikoo in the Office app store.

  • Click the Free Trial.
  • A new smaller window will open, click “Continue”.
  • Once you click continue you will be asked to log in with your Office 365 login info,  it should look like this:
  • Another small window will pop up where you can select a SharePoint site, click “Continue”.
    • If instead you’re redirected to another page, or you get a message saying ‘Unable to retrieve SharePoint site’, it means the environment is not ready yet.
    • Close the browser tab & wait for a few more minutes to let Microsoft finish setting up your cloud.
    • Go back to Dalikoo in the Office app store, and choose the Free Trial again.
    • Once you see the option to select SharePoint site, click “Continue”.
  • Now you will be re-directed to a new area where you click “Try it “.
  • You will be asked to sign in to Microsoft. Use the credentials for your Hotmail/ e-mail account (see Prerequisite above). Enter the information and click “Continue”.
  • Almost there… click ” Return to site”
  • A small window will open, If needed you can select a language other than English, and then click “Trust it”.
  • Finally, you see a page with content, notice the Dalikoo icon being set up (refresh your browser if needed).
  • Once Dalikoo is ready, click on the icon, or go to ‘Home’ menu on the left to start using Dalikoo.
    • If you get an error, wait for a few seconds, click the back button on your browser and try again.
  • Bookmark the Dalikoo page in your browser, so you can easily return to it later. You can also use the link