Dalikoo Quantum Vue

Make Lists Better

Dalikoo Quantum Vue is a tool for taming complex data from different sources and making it available at your fingertips. Whether its SharePoint Lists, Microsoft Excel, or even Active Directory records, Quantum Vue retrieves data and rearranges it to let you aggregate information and manage lists with ease. Purchase Today! 

You start by creating a view and looking up your data sources – you can select multiple lists or Excel files from your SharePoint Site, Hub, or even traverse the entire Office 365 tenant.

When Quantum Vue presents your data, you can filter it by one or multiple column selections. All the lists, or Excel data, will react immediately to correspond with your selection. You can also rearrange the order of columns to align perfectly for better analysis.

Quantum Vue - Aggregated data view and Column Selection

Moreover, you can choose whether to aggregate all the different data sources into one list, and even select individual columns to present and filter on within each view.   

Aggregated Results!​

Quantum Vue – Slice and Dice your data, anyway you want it.

Quantum Vue remembers each configuration of your data arrangement and presents it as multiple views. These views can be available to your team and even the entire organization, allowing everyone (with permission) to switch between views and apply additional filters to get relevant information through a simple and effortless interface.

Quantum Vue works with Microsoft Teams

Team member can add Quantum Vue as a new tab, access various lists and Excel files, and collaborate on the relevant information without leaving their channel.

Quantum Vue –
user-friendly Mobile View

As Quantum Vue is mobile friendly, you can use any phone or tablet to work with all the views that have been created.  Every element on the screen will adjust itself to the particular size and resolution of your device, getting data at your fingertips, no matter where you are.  

$200 CAD

Per Year