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Application DevelopmentCustom Modern Applications

Modern SharePoint introduces new ways to create applications. You can use Office 365 services such as Flow and PowerApps to create simple applications with very little code. The resulting programs are useful for some low scale applications where complexity or performance requirements are not critical.

Another great option for programming in the Office 365 environment is SharePoint Framework, or SPFx. The newly introduced SharePoint Framework is a powerful development model for SharePoint user interface extensibility. Through the SharePoint Framework (SPFx), organizations can create beautiful immersive SharePoint Web Parts, or even entire pages that can interact with multiple data points and resources. SPFx components are naturally responsive, which means they adapt beautifully to any environment you may be using. This is an important advantage, since it allows developers to cut costs by only developing the required functionality once, and letting the Framework actively adapt to the screen size as needed. At Dalikoo, we have been programming in SPFx ever since Microsoft introduced it in late 2016, in fact, parts of our business management software product are written in SPFx and are used by thousands of users across the world.


Application DevelopmentOur approach to application development shares a common theme with the rest of our products and services – we are ‘Business First’. This premise guarantees that while our architects and developers are very technically-minded, you don’t have to be. In fact, your point of contact will always be a Business Process expert that can take business requirement from you, or work with documentation, and collaborate with our technical team on your behalf. With SPFx we can create amazing functionalities for your SharePoint environment in a short time, and at a fraction of the cost.