Celebrate your teammates’ birthdays and anniversaries!


What is Celebrations?

Celebrations is a fun Microsoft Teams app that helps you stay connected with your teammates on their special days. It provides an ideal solution for organizations seeking to enhance employee engagement and foster a positive work culture.

How does Celebrations work?

Celebrations is easy to install and distribute to Teams users. Employees can choose whether they want to add it to their Teams environment and participate in the celebration.

When someone’s birthday or anniversary arrives, all the Celebrations app users will receive a notification about it in the Teams Activity area, inviting them to send their wishes to the person celebrating. They can also add cute greeting cards, emojis, or stickers to express your feelings and make a more personal connection.

With Celebrations, employees will never miss a chance to show support and recognize their teammates on their birthdays and anniversaries!

How can Celebrations benefit your organization?

Enhancing employee engagement is crucial for organizations looking to create a motivated, committed, and high-performing workforce. Some primary challenges to enhancing employee engagement include communication, recognition, and celebration.

Celebrations can serve as a powerful tool for organizations. The App lets you socialize with every member of your team and make them feel appreciated. Everyone can benefit form the opportunity to learn about their coworkers’ special days and reach out to make a great connection.

Celebrations empower teams to collaborate more and encourage a positive social experience at work, increased productivity, and higher retention rates, ultimately driving organizational success.

Teams that celebrate together work better together.

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