Microsoft 365 Copilot: Your Productivity Co-pilot

AI Assessment ImplementationImagine a helping hand within your Microsoft 365 suite, streamlining tasks and boosting efficiency. That’s the essence of Microsoft 365 Copilot. Dalikoo takes a strategic, user-centric approach to implmeneting Microsoft Copilot.

Pre-Flight Check: Assessment and Planning

We will dive into your organization’s workflows. Identify areas where Copilot’s capabilities (email drafting, data analysis, etc.) can significantly impact productivity. A full analysis on licensing requirements will be established. We will ensure alignment with the clients’ security posture. Data privacy and user control are paramount to the success of the implementation. Training materials and pilot programs will be assemebeled and reviewed. The overall goal is to familiarize users with Copilot’s features and encourage seamless adoption.

AeronauticsTaxiing to the Runway: Deployment and User Enablement

We will configure permissions for different user groups, ensuring responsible Copilot usage. A review of existing systems is Important to Copilot’s success. Connecting Copilot with existing systems and workflows creates a cohesive experience. These inegrations option will be presented to the client. Several pilot programs will be created including pilot groups and specific schedules to gather feedback, refine training, and ensure a smooth transition for everyone.

Soaring Through the Clouds: Adoption and Continuous Improvement

Comprehensive training resources will be provided including ongoing support to address user queries and concerns. We will monitor usage data to understand user behavior, identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions about overall enhancements. Rollouts to expand to other teams and logical groups within the company. User Feedback is continuously gathered and leveraged to refine training materials and enhance Copilot’s integration.

avionicsMicrosoft Copilot Studio: Building Your Custom AI Airship

This platform empowers you to craft bespoke AI solutions tailored to your specific needs. The implementation here involves a more technical journey:

Setting the Course: Project Planning and Data Preparation

We work with the client to define project’s goals, scope, and success metrics. What problem are we solving, and how will the impact be measured? Together with the client, we will Identify relevant data sources and prepare them for training. Ensure data quality, relevance, and alignment with the client’s AI model’s needs. The appropriate AI models will be selected. Training methods are devised based on the project’s requirements and data characteristics.

Building and Testing: From Blueprint to Reality

The team will train and refine the AI model using Copilot Studio’s tools, iteratively improving its performance and accuracy. The model’s performance will be be tested and validated rigorously across various scenarios, to ensure it meets expectations. We will integrate the trained model with the client’s target applications or systems, ensuring seamless data flow and functionality.

Taking to the Skies: Deployment, Monitoring, and Refinement

We will deploy the trained model to a production environment, making it accessible to the users or systems. The team will continuously monitor performance, collect usage data, and identify areas for improvement. Leverage feedback and data insights, we will refine the model and ensure it remains effective and relevant over time.

AI Assessment Implementation
Our unique approach for successful implementations includes the following pillars

Cultural Compass: We prepare clients for AI adoption by addressing concerns and fostering a culture of acceptance and responsible use.
Security as priority: We prioritize data privacy and security throughout the implementation process, adhering to relevant regulations and best practices.
Governance responsibility: We enable clients to establish clear guidelines and oversight mechanisms for using and managing Microsoft Copilot, ensuring responsible development and deployment.

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