Mconsultingicrosoft SharePoint is a popular platfrom for content creation, communication, consulting and collaboration, it is used by 80% of corporations around the world. However, overtime SharePoint’s ubiquity and perceived initial simplicity led to a fragmented experience across many organizations. SharePoint is often being underutilized, or even ignored by users altogether. This can be attributed to many factors, but it is safe to say that overall SharePoint does feel a bit dated.

Enter ‘Modern SharePoint’ – Microsoft’s answer to mundane, traditional ‘Classic SharePoint’. With Modern SharePoint, Microsoft has set out to create a new, more dynamic experience. The changes are immersive and quite profound, starting with an all new flat architecture, and including a new beautiful interface that is well…modern. The new SharePoint experience is much more simplified compared to the ‘Classic SharePoint’, it enables users to truly collaborate and contribute, just like they would with their personal Facebook and Twitter, and by using any device such as tablets or phones. Users can work in their digital environment with ease, leading to a fun and immersive Modern Workplace.

But first, SharePoint must be configured correctly, and this is where Dalikoo consultants come in for consulting. We help you set up SharePoint…correctly – by establishing the Information Architecture, Technical Charter and Business Workflows. We also train your staff and establish the right approach for deployment, making sure the culture at the company is addressed and is ready to use the new environment. Modern SharePoint marks a huge opportunity for companies to move forward with their Digital Workplace initiatives. SharePoint is available through Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud offering, it features low cost, pay-as-you-go billing, world class security, and powerful customizations options.

consultingBy getting the most out of Modern SharePoint you will see immediate improvements to the following:

Teamwork: We will help you make SharePoint a Modern collaborative environment that drives your team and encourages your employees to work, engage, and share in a natural effortless way. This enhanced group effort will improve your company’s bottom line.

Knowledge: Your Modern SharePoint environment will contribute directly to the ideation and knowledge creation development of your company. SharePoint uses the Microsoft Cmloud to diligently and safely store and manage data, presenting meaningful information through powerful search options. Moreover, since SharePoint’s new architecture supports easy linking of logical data, discovering pertinent information becomes a wonderful serendipitous experience.

Integration: SharePoint Online runs on Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud platfrom. Office 365 can provide Email, Unified Communications, User Directory, and many other critical Enterprise Services. Furthermore, Office 365 is integrated with many other services from different providers. The native integration with different software suites, serves at the core of SharePoint-based comprehensive digital workplace.

Talk to us about how our experience can help with modernizing your company, its easier than you think.