Document Management

Recognizing that today’s customers / users prefer to access a smaller content management platform with specific application, features, and functions, rather than the large applications available. Users want more agility and flexibility in the way content is accessed, managed and delivered. This is where Dalikoo comes in, by offering an intuitive and powerful Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system for storing documents such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and many more. Dalikoo’s ECM is focused on next generation content management capabilities around process automation, calibration, metadata management and document capture.

Dalikoo’s all in one solution addresses collaboration and productivity challenges by offering a simple easy to use platform. We make it easy to share important documents and conversations, keeping them in the context of your team’s project or process. Dalikoo, enables you to centralize and collaborate on all pieces of your project. Attach files – documents, PDFs, presentations, graphic files, and more. Whether the project team is 5 or 50, Dalikoo’s ECM provides a real-time view of documents across entire projects and gives you continuous visibility, accountability, and insights.

Searching in Dalikoo is an incredibly easy. Our powerful search tool provides an effective way to find information and locate documents in your space. You can perform quick, simple searches, or advanced searches that including visual representation for document type, author, modified date, and a document preview on the right.