Manufacturing Sector story
Project SuccessBeing a Microsoft cloud product, Dalikoo is extremely customizable and infinitely scalable. By implementing the system, one has not only immediate improvements to their customer service and project execution abilities, but also selected a long-term partner that will grow and scale with them to ensure continued success.
Client NeedA large, multinational Air Technologies company in Ontario, known for delivering smartly engineered custom designed HVAC equipment and air handling solutions, was in a need of a more efficient way of handling their customer, partner, and vendor relationships. These relationships were either ongoing partnerships or project specific – where they would come together to collaborate on delivering exemplary solutions to their customers.

Project OverviewUpon initiating work on a project (usually the bidding phase), their engineers would gather the information required to generate a successful proposal. The information would include design and specification elements, choice of suitable vendors and partners, timelines and costs. Once the bid was chosen, they would proceed with collaborating internally and with the selected vendors, sometimes across vastly different locations, and implement the solution.

With continual improvement being a priority, the company wished to find a more efficient way to keep track of the vast amounts of information in its development and production stages, while easily being able to reuse relevant pieces for future projects. Furthermore, they wanted to improve communication and collaboration between all parties working on their projects, from internal engineers to external vendors, partners, and subcontractors.

The SolutionEnter Dalikoo. With Dalikoo this company is easily able to create a simple to use, globally accessible “virtual warehouse” for industry information. The documents are neatly categorized by subject and theme and provide the ability to effortlessly drill down and search for specific information. Since our client encourages their engineers to stay up to date with latest industry standards and trends, Dalikoo also provides usage patterns in the form of Top-10 uploaders and contributors, etc.

Further, using Dalikoo our client easily deployed interfaces for project initiation, including all related documentation, vendor selection, calendaring and tasking. As the project progressed, all parties continued to collaborate and work with information in a centralized approach, entering and updating information only once, while the system makes sure that the team is aware of updates to pick up the work at any time. Dalikoo allows team members to consume specific and relevant information – including documents and emails – and use them in a manner that pertains to their needs. Moreover, while working on new projects, Dalikoo’s built-in taxonomy allows for intuitive searching of similarly used information (e.g. previous projects), yielding faster preparation times and execution on new projects.