Central Links

Create links to use anywhere. If the URL changes, all locations get updated. No More Broken Links!
Central Links


With Central Links you can create company-controlled links to important Internet or Intranet destinations. These Central Links can be placed in any document or web page and even shared with customers. If a destination’s URL changes over time, you can simply edit the central link with the new URL, making sure that all documents containing your central link still work correctly – No more broken links!

The Problem We’re Solving

Consider the following scenario – your company published a document that contains links to multiple destinations. After a month or two, the URL for some of the links in the document changes, and as a result the document now contains broken, or incorrect links. This can happen with any type of content your company publishes, may it be documents, web articles, Intranet posts, etc. Over time, your company accumulates a lot of published content that contains broken, or incorrect links. It is nearly impossible to track all the documents and articles that contain the broken links, so in most cases they are left ‘as is’, and as a result the information is regarded as increasingly outdated over time.

Our Solution

With Central Links you create a unique shortened-URL ‘Central Link’ based on the link your want to publish (we call it the ‘Source Link’). Then you publish the Central Link in your document, instead of the Source Link. If the Source Link’s URL ever changes, you just update the mapping of your Central Link to the new URL, and all the documents featuring the link remain valid and up to date!

At a Glance