Celebrations for SharePoint

Celebrate your teammates’ birthdays and anniversaries!

Celebrations: A SharePoint web part to celebrate your teammates

Do you want to make your workplace more fun and friendly? Do you want to show appreciation and recognition to your colleagues on their special days? Do you want to foster a positive and collaborative culture in your team? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need Celebrations!

Celebrations is a SharePoint web part that helps you keep track of the upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries of your teammates. You can add it to any SharePoint page and see a list of the upcoming events. Send your colleagues a message to congratulate them and make them feel valued.

Why is Celebrations important in the workplace?

Celebrating wiath your teammates is not only a nice gesture, but also a powerful way to boost morale, engagement, and productivity. Research shows that celebrating milestones can increase happiness, motivation, and loyalty among employees . It can also strengthen the bonds and trust among team members, and create a sense of belonging and community.

How does Celebrations work?

Celebrations is easy to use and configure. You just need to add the web part to your SharePoint page, and it will automatically pick up the birthday and anniversary dates from a SharePoint List or an Excel file. You can specify the location of the List or Excel file in the settings of the Web Part.

Don’t miss the opportunity to celebrate with your teammates. Add Celebrations to your SharePoint today and make your workplace a happier and more productive place!

How to Set up?

  • Download the Celebrations SharePoint app from the Microsoft SharePoint app store.
  • Your Microsoft SharePoint administrator needs to install the app in your tenant’s app catalog.
  • Once the app is installed in SharePoint, you can add it as a web part to a SharePoint page.
  • Proceed with editing the SharePoint page, selecting where you want to add the web part, click on the ‘Add a new web part’ button and search for ‘Celebrations’.
  • When the web part is added to the page, you can select the ‘Edit web part’ button to enter the settings area and configure the web part.
  • In settings, you can change the web part title and select your SharePoint List or Excel file as a source of dates to celebrate.
  • These are the instructions required to create the SharePoint List.
  • Alternatively, The Excel Template can be downloaded here.
  • Once the web part is added to the page and configured correctly, you can publish the page.
  • Every person that loads the SharePoint page will see a list of upcoming celebrations for their workers.

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