Dalikoo is a Microsoft partner that specializes in Microsoft 365, Azure, and AI. Dalikoo builds Enhance Productivity and Collaboration, management, and social empowerment applications that are available through the commercial marketplace. Dalikoo also provides migration and integration services, as well as consulting in areas ranging from Intranets and communications to Modern Workplace and AI.

One of the applications that Dalikoo offers is Celebrations, a fun Microsoft Teams application that helps you stay connected with your teammates on their special days. With Celebrations, employees receive notifications in Microsoft Teams about their coworkers’ birthdays and anniversaries, and they can then contact their coworkers and send a personal note or a greeting card. Celebrations can receive date information from Active Directory, Microsoft Excel, a SharePoint List, or even manually from each user.

Enhance Productivity and Collaboration

But what makes Celebrations more than just a simple reminder app is the integration of AI. Dalikoo uses Azure Open AI, a powerful and versatile AI model that can generate natural language texts for various purposes. With Azure Open AI, Celebrations can:

  • Generate personalized and creative messages and cards for your coworkers, based on their profile and preferences.
  • Suggest relevant and appropriate gifts or rewards for your coworkers, based on their interests and needs.
  • Provide insights and analytics on the engagement and satisfaction of your team, based on their feedback and reactions.

By incorporating AI into Celebrations, Dalikoo aims to enhance the user experience and the team culture, by making it easier and more enjoyable to celebrate and appreciate each other.

Dalikoo is not only using AI to create applications, but also to develop them. Dalikoo is one of the early adopters of GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered code assistant that helps developers write better code faster. GitHub Copilot can:

  • Suggest code completions and snippets for common tasks and scenarios, based on the context and the best practices.
  • Generate tests and documentation for your code, based on the functionality and the requirements.
  • Detect and fix errors and bugs in your code, based on the logic and the syntax.

By using GitHub Copilot, Dalikoo can improve the quality and efficiency of their code, and focus more on the innovation and the value of their applications.

Dalikoo is a great example of how AI can be leveraged to enhance productivity and collaboration, both for the customers and the developers. Dalikoo shows that AI is not only a tool, but also a partner, that can help you achieve more with less effort and more fun. If you are interested in learning more about Dalikoo and their AI solutions, you can visit their website, or check out their applications on the commercial marketplace.