Dalikoo is suitable for small to medium sized companies that provide services to customers and need to monitor multiple types of information, at different levels of the organization. By using the product you will store the data only once, but would be able to manipulate relevant views, actions, and related processes with very little effort, through an intuitive and familiar interface.
Furthermore, since the product is hosted entirely in the cloud, no servers or software is needed. The entire platform runs in the web browser (PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android) no downloads, or add-ons are necessary. Dalikoo is a multi-lingual platform that can be custom tailored for your company, in any language, any where in the world, where your employees will participate in your digital work space, in your preferred language.




Our goal is to get traction for the product in many different industries. Most Dalikoo.com implementations will require no more than 4-6 weeks in total (depending on client availability), unlike other traditional deployment that usually take months. We guide you smoothly through planning, configurations, training and release. And while we have a reliable source of talented developers to continue and support the product long-term, we are not mandating a long term relationship as a condition of engagement.

Steps we take to maximize business benefits:

Step One:   

Start with a meeting to understand how the business work, get to know major ‘Pain’ points.  Our goal is to listen and design a solution with the clients process in mind

Step Two:

Define a phased approach addressing the identified ‘Pain’ point first, establishing High Value – Low Risk returns early in the project

Step Three:

Work through the Agile development process, building and customizing an environment to match client’s process while maintaining full transparency  and visibility.

Step Four:

Deployment- realizing that change can be difficult we will be there in every step of the way.